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From the 29th of May 2012 a new Cookie Regulation will be enforced that website owners must clearly identify what cookies are in use and their purpose.

Below is a list of cookies that we use which enable our site to operate and to understand how to serve our customers better.

Should you wish to opt out of these cookies please follow the instructions below for your browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge

Click the tools menu, then Internet Options
Click on the privacy tab
Select the appropriate setting

Mozilla firefox

Choose the tools menu then Options
Click on privacy icon
In history change the firefox will to use custom settings and then select the appropriate cookie option.

Google Chrome

Click the spanner icon and then settings
Click under the bonnet and then content settings
Select the appropriate setting

What happens if I disable cookies?

This depends on the settings you chose, but the site may not operate correctly and it will be unlikely you will be able to work effectively with the service

Our cookies

  • laravel_session, session_payload: cookies that enable users to login to the site and maintain their connection
  • PHPSESSID, edit-page-tab: CMS specific cookies, not used at all on our site except by admins for usability
  • ml_basket, mm_basket_v2: enables users to add to their basket
  • cookie-banner: used for the cookie notice

3rd Party cookies

  • _ga[a-z]:cookies prefixed with _ga are part of Google Analytics.
  • di, dt, loc, uid, uit, uvc: CMS specific cookies, not used at all on our site except by admins for usability
  • ml_basket, mm_basket_v2:enables users to share content with social media

This policy notice was last updated on 18/05/2018

How to contact us

Human Times Ltd (registered in England under company no. 12530888) is the data controller.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or how and why we process personal data, please contact us at:

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